Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday Mornings

:: Monday Mornings :: 

*enjoying: up extra early with the hubby but we are enjoying some quiet moments before the day starts

* drinking: coffee. please. thank you. 

* reading:The Lost Hours by Karen White and just started Apollo's Angels: A history of Ballet. I was feeling some nonfiction. I have plenty to read these days with a shelf full of library books. I think it is my favorite place to visit. 

*baking: bread day and maybe some apple dumplings

*creating: Halloween costumes (one done, one to go), a few more items for more Etsy shop, and knitting. Always knitting. 

*thinking: that with this week comes a renewed spirit of homeschooling and memory making with my girls. I am also contemplating continuing my education and starting work on a Master's Degree. It is a big decision to start schooling again and I don't know if I am up to the challenge at this point but if not now, when? Sometimes I wish decisions would make themselves up for me. 

*praying: for a healthy, happy week. 

Good Morning to you and yours! Here is a little Northern Renaissance to start the day. 

"The Arnolfini Wedding" by Flemish painter, Jan Van Eyck. 
My personal favorite. 

Acquired from Art Encyclopedia online. 

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  1. Good for you, going back to school or at least thinking about it. There will never be a right time to do it, so I say jump in with both feet and go for it.