Monday, August 20, 2012

Montessori at Home

:: Montessori at Home::

Today was the first day that I began to implement the Montessori at Home program I bought online a few months ago. It took awhile to get everything set up and organized but we made it. This is my way of homeschooling our 3 year old. I am a teacher by profession but gave up that to stay at home and raise babies. The time has made me realize that I want to have a big part of my child's early education. With that being said, if there was a Montessori school close to our home, I would send Miss E there in a second. But alas, there is not. So, I am giving her the next best thing. I love the Montessori at Home program because it is exactly what it says it is, Montessori at home! We are taking it slow and only doing a little bit each day but I can already see the results and Miss E loves the one on one time with Mama. ( Baby CeCe naps) 

Here is a bit from today...

Rice Tub activity: pouring, sifting, and measuring out rice into different size cups and bowls

She was experimenting with a funnel. It didn't work so well. 

Threading Beads

I add a little of my own work into the afternoon too. We read a book about our bodies and hands.  Also, this week is  the letter "A" week.

Overall, we have had great success this week. I know some people may "poo poo" the idea of homeschooling but I am unwavering in my beliefs and unapologetic about my methods of child-rearing. ( don't worry she gets plenty of socialization with other children)  As my husband always says, "Everyone has a journey!" It is our journey and blessing. 

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