Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bits from the Weekend and a Case of the Mondays..

:: Sharing some bits from the weekend::

Saturday, we went to visit James' brother who was in town with his squadron doing some training. I will not try to explain what he does or what these aircraft are or how they work. Nevertheless, we had a great time hanging out and watching all the happening on the air strip.

The girls with dad and Uncle Alex

Mama with the girls and Uncle Alex

The girls loved running around the empty hangar. 

Miss E knows that hearing protection is important. 

Sunday, we had a quiet day of our usual routines with a little crafting mixed in. It was craft time with dad while I held up in the sewing room for a bit. 

Another little dress for baby

Homemade Finger Paints ( recipe in "recipe" section) 

Some works in progress. 

:: Case of the Mondays::

My complaint section ( read at your own risk):

This is perhaps the first time all day I have sat down and actually breathed aside from eating meals. It has been the Mother of all Mondays. Have you ever planned out the day so perfectly and it all goes down the toilet within hours of waking up? Yes, that was my day. We had an unfortunate breakdown in the front room that resulted in the spilling of paints on carpet. Which led to me overhauling the front bedroom of our house that serves as part quiet play area and part sewing room. My sweet little baby got a hold of a glitter bottle and decided to cover herself with "pixie dust" and the shelves I just bought 4 months ago have been relinquished to the garage for the dump. I wanted to get angry but I just sat down and had a teary moment then I got up and cleaned like a mad woman. Of course, this pushed back laundry and all sense of routine in our house. And on top of it all, I broke my glasses tonight. This is a big deal because 1: I have really terrible eyesight which means I have to wear contact lens or glasses all the time. 2: they have expensive to replace and 3: they were my favorite accessory. I hate breaking in new glasses. Now, I know that the day could be worse and people have bigger problems than mine but sometimes you just have to complain to feel better. I think the underlying problem is that I just can't seem to get adjusted to our new home. We have lived here for 4 months now and I feel like we crammed into a tiny house with no backyard for the girls. It feels like a fishbowl. I think I just need to pray on this feeling and seek some peace.

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  1. Just breathe in and know that this too shall pass! I hate when days go like that. Looks like you had a fun weekend though. My daughters boyfriend is in the Navy and everything on the base confuses me! I know so little about the military.