Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Our Advent Happenings

:: Our Advent Happenings :: 

It has been a long while since I last wrote a post. The beginning of Advent and Christmas coupled with the slow death of my laptop rendered me unplugged for a while. But thanks to my wonderful husband I now am the proud owner of the a new Apple desktop. An earlier Christmas gift which I absolutely love. I can actually see everything I type without too much trouble. I like a big screen and I have poor eyesight (which is an understatement). I have downloaded some new programs to help me start off the new year right. I am going to start putting some of my ideas onto paper or fabric and see where it takes me. 

We have been so busy with some big changes. James is now a reservist with the Navy. He finished out his active duty role at the beginning of the month. He is enjoying a little break between jobs before he starts his new job later this month. We have jumped right into Advent and Christmas with both feet. I tried to convince everyone to take it slow this year but with little children the tree must go up. It is looking quite lovely and it just brightens up everyday life. The children have Kindness Elves that are visiting them every day with new ideas and activities to help spread Christmas cheer. It is the first year doing this and I am really happy how the girls are really getting into the activities. The elves have recently helped up give secret happy notes to family, donate food to a local pantry, and learn more about the birth of Jesus through a nativity craft and story. We celebrated St. Nicholas Day again this year and next week we will learn more about St. Lucy's Day complete with a wreath of candles worn on heads. (fake candles, of course). We are also going to do some fun little things to celebrate the Winter Solstice this year. There is a place near us that does an evening of potluck supper, night hike, stories, and fellowship on their Organic Farm and Retreat Center. I am trying to decide if we can swing it with the children. It sounds like a lot of fun. 

I am in my new creative space and it feels fantastic. A little change in desk, some rearranging of things, and a new computer has got me excited about creative ventures again. I was feeling stalled for a while but this has seemed to help. I am keeping the homemade Christmas gifts easy this year since we are very busy with homeschool every day. But there is still much being done and so much to be done yet. It is has been a slow yet productive start to Advent and Christmas. Every year it is a little bit different than the last. I have ideas in my head of how it will go but it always turns out differently so this year I took the approach that we will go where the season takes us. I am letting the girls guide our path. I have to admit that taking a back seat is and letting them guide is nice for a change. Advent is the season of making space in our hearts for Jesus but also His plan for us. By opening my mind and heart to the moment it has allowed me to be in really engaged in my three foot world. It will be fun to see where it takes us. 

a bit messy but a new computer and desk make it okay....

lists and a little coloring for later

Renwick Gallery in Washington DC:
A simply amazing exhibition. 

these look like giant bird nests and they are my favorite. I want one in my yard now to sit in and think. 

real insects....REAL!