Thursday, February 12, 2015

February Days

{ February Days } 

We have been busy as bees in springtime around our home and February came roaring in with little care for my desire to slow down. But despite all that has been happening in our home and outside it we have found time to enjoy the little joys of February. I am a sucker for the little holidays of February. Valentine's Day and Mardi Gras celebrations are an excuse to throw off the heavy cloak of winter and splash our home with color before the season of Lent. We are looking forward to the long weekend of Valentine's fun and a trip to the Aquarium. 

The weather might be frigid and fierce outside our door but our home will be warm with happiness and cheer of a fun weekend ahead.  

My little kitchen helper. 

We made Brownie Roll Out Cookies from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook  ( I just love this cookbook!) 

Little Traveler dolls from the shop of Delia Lane Etsy Shop . (Definitely worth a visit!)