Friday, October 03, 2014

Creating New Spaces

:: Creating New Spaces ::

We move around a lot (military moves) and we don't yet have our "dream" home but that hasn't stopped me from trying to a home in every rental we have lived in. The greatest comfort is being in one's home and I want to make each home a safe haven for each of my children. A place where each child can be exactly who they want to be without any hesitation. I like to also have the cozy nature of a home, it must be genetic! I am always reinventing spaces in our home that look like they need a touch of love. 

A reinvented sewing space in our bedroom for me to get some serious work done. There is still some organizing to happen but it is clean and neat right now. 

We have a finished basement in our home and admittedly I dislike basements because they always seem dank. But this room is painted such a cheery shade of blue we have changed it into a play/learning space. 

I also marked off a little area in the house for a low bookshelf. It holds all the kid's books, a basket of art supplies, a seasonal sensory bin, alphabet stones, stencils, a book of kid friendly science experiments,a stack of kid size trays, and some books to go along with the seasons. A cozy little spot to draw and play while still being near the family. 

These new spaces come at a time when we are starting to turn inward and ready ourselves for winter. It is perfectly cozy and I am looking forward to those cold days when we all can have little spaces to settle down into and create or play. 

Monday, September 29, 2014


:: Weekends ::

:: Friday night driving back from an overnight visit to the shore (yes, I took no pictures...I am lame)
:: pizza and movie night
:: Saturday morning breakfast with the excitable chatter of children
:: a morning with just baby while daddy and the girls went to the park for play & hiking
:: Apple Cake from scratch
:: Sugar & Himalayan Pink Salt Face & Body Scrub ( it is heavenly)
:: one final cookout before the cooler weather at my parent's house
:: First Sunday teaching Sunday school
:: Sunday afternoon football
:: making leaf lanterns with the girls
:: quiet Sunday night dinner 
:: trip to the neighborhood park with lots of playing

Joining with Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise