Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along :: 

Right now on the needles I have started to make our little one a knit diaper cover. They will look like little knit shorts. It is the middle of summer and yes, he really doesn't need them but it gets chilly in our house at night and they are so darn cute. I am still working on my next shawl and I am just about ready to start the last section. I would have posted a picture but it is just a big blob of knitted goodness. 

I just found this book in the library yesterday. It is an anthology of literature of the South from 1996-2005. I like reading short stories because I feel like I can am really getting through a book. And it is great when I have a few quiet moments here and there. 

What's your needles this week? 

Happy Knitting! 

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Morning, Noon, & Night

:: Morning, Noon, & Night :: 

6:15am: early start but a few moments of catching up on my birding studies.

11:35am: my room for Vacation Bible School. Cleaned up after our first day of fun. It is supposed to be a mountain and waterfall. 

9:00pm: shelling some peas that my dad brought us. The girls loved doing it. 

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Monday, June 23, 2014

summer fun days

:: Summer Fun Days ::

You know what I love about summer is the ability we all have to throw caution to the wind and just enjoy the long warm days that melt into cooler evenings filled with fun. We had such a wonderful weekend that last night I could not keep my eyes open long enough to write a weekend post. We had a very busy weekend...

* Friday night dress rehearsals
* Saturday morning ballet recital ( at the same place I danced with the same teacher as when I was a young girl) 
* Saturday afternoon pizza party 
* painting and building birdhouses
* making mint extract
* Mass and Breakfast
* finding Miss Ce-Ce in her seat fast asleep but not before drawing all over herself
* Sunday afternoon of swimming and dinner with my family 
* collapsing into bed at 9:30pm to get some rest before our Bible School started this week. 

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