Sunday, June 15, 2014

in the garden

:: In the Garden ::

Our garden at about 2 months old 

 Early Cabbage : one head already harvested

 Hungarian Wax Peppers


 Cucumber plants and beautiful little flowers

 Our tomato plants are huge and I have found at least 6 tiny tomatoes

At about 2 months our garden is beginning to yield more than herbs and lettuce ( not that I don't love lettuce because I am filling up on salads after those long cold months of no salads). I picked our first cabbage head and I have 5 more on their way. I am thinking of doing a small batch of sauerkraut for the fall but I think this first head will make a really great mayo-less coleslaw that will go well with my friend chicken on the menu for this week. We rarely indulge in fried foods and I don't like frying because it makes a mess and it isn't the healthiest option but these warm temperatures deserve a good Southern Fried Chicken dinner.

Our peppers are growing and I am not really sure what I will do with them other than pickling. Any ideas? The cucumbers wont be around until late summer but I can wait. However, the tomatoes are growing like crazy and I am thrilled. Nothing is better than a tomato with some salt and pepper. We have big boys growing and cherry tomatoes. I think we will be plenty ready for them when they arrive. My dad is growing a bunch of things in his garden and he even planted extra beets and zucchini for me.

I learned everything I know about gardening from my farmer of a dad. I couldn't ask for a better dad and this is his shout out for Father's Day. We love you!

And much love to my hubby of soon to be 8 years. We have a beautiful family together that keeps growing and I couldn't imagine a better man to be my partner in life and father to our children.

Lots of love to all the dads today and I hope your garden is growing beautifully too!