Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Finding meaning the domestic life...

:: Finding meaning in the domestic life:: 

Now that things have settled down and we have finally unpacked the last box ( okay, maybe we have 5 or so boxes hiding in the garage) I can think about life again. Moving always seems to uproot us and turn us upside down. I like feeling settled and returning to normal daily routines. Pregnancy can make it that a little more tiring and tedious but I am trying a new thought activity while doing the daily chores. Instead of going through the motions and just doing what needs to be done. I always replay the idea/story of Martha and Mary. Each person has a purpose on this earth.  I look at the positive effect that certain activity will have on my family. 

A nicely made bed will be something warm and snugly to crash into at the end of the busy day. A homemade dinner from scratch will fill their tummies and hearts. A clean bathroom will make for a more pleasant bath time. Home school time is my way to watch my girls growing and learn.  My job right now is to be mother and wife and I take that job seriously. I will have plenty of time later in life to worry about going to work but for now my most important work is at home. 

Finding joy in the domestic life can be difficult but when I do a sense of calm washes over me. It is exactly where I am supposed to be.