Thursday, April 04, 2013

Works of Art Thursday

:: Works of Art Thursday ::

The Arnolifini Wedding Portrait 


Jan Van Eyck 

Northern Renaissance 

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Joining Ginny of Small Things

Whoopee! I finished something! I feel like it has been forever since I have completed anything. I love little projects. The little clutch bag turned out well and I really like the color. The fabric will be the lining. This will be added to my Etsy shop which I hope to open soon. I keep saying that but I am always so busy with other things. It will happen. I am still working on the cozy nook blanket. But I am starting a teapot cozy this week. I got a new teapot and it looked naked on my counter so of course I went on Ravelry and found the perfect one! 

I finished reading The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott this week too. I haven't read a book that fast in awhile but it was super good and I loved it. I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction with a dash of literary masters. I have a copy that I am more than willing to share with anyone who is interested. I have a new stack of library books to dive into this week. I think I may start with The Yellow Birds by Kevin Powers. It is a work of fiction based upon his time in Iraq during the Iraq War. It will be a tough read for me because it is a deep subject but we are intimately tied with the military and I was drawn to this book. If it turns out to be a little too much for me then I'll have to start in on Edna O'Brien, The Country Girls Trilogy. I read her work in college and really loved it so feeling a little nostalgic I picked it up again.  

Happy Knitting! xo. 

The Last of the Evening Light

:: The Last of the Evening Light ::

When the last light of the day kisses the earth one final time like a lover saying goodbye,
as the birds quiet their song 
and the last whispers of wind rustle the new leaves. 
The last of the evening light hits the earth.
This time quiets the soul and mind 
draws me in and tells me it is time to say goodbye to another day.
Reminds me it is a privilege to share each sunrise and sunset on the earth and I must not take one single breath in vain. 
The Last of the Evening Light reminds me of all these things. 

Some photos from this evening...

Monday, April 01, 2013


:: Weekending ::

My weekend is a little late BUT James did not work today so we considered it an added day to our weekend. Oh what a fulfilling weekend it was for our family. 

* missed Good Friday Service by about 3 hours because I can't read military time properly. Needless to say, I felt terrible about it and it was a bit embarrassing showing up to the chapel and no one was there. 
* Friday night pizza and movie 
* sleeping in on Saturday morning with cinnamon rolls for breakfast
* a loooong do to list that was completely done on Saturday 
* warm evenings outside 
* Easter Sunday Mass
* relaxing and quiet Easter with a nice dinner for just the four of us
* evening Easter egg hunt 
* Masterpiece Theater (Mr. Selfridge) and tea with hubby 
* another day of late sleeping in
* a little shopping adventure
* receiving all my materials for my Holistic Life Coach course and certification process
* enjoying a nice evening outside playing with the girls