Friday, March 29, 2013

This Moment

:: This Moment ::

A Friday ritual. A single photo- no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. 

Joining Amanda of Soulemama

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Works of Art Thursday

:: Works of Art Thursday ::

On Thursdays I put up a work of art that I use as my background for the week. It gives me time to think, stare, and enjoy the artwork. It is a little late today but I think this is rather poignant given that we are celebrating Holy Week in our home this week. 

The Last Supper 

Leonardo Da Vinci


High Renaissance 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Sometimes I need to push the reset with my knitting before I become to resentful and bitter about something that I love to do. So, the story starts with me accidentally miscounting rows on my Indian Summer Shawl and creating a disaster.  Long story short was that I had to lay down my knitting without keeping track of my place and I lost my place. I tried to go back and fix it but that turned out to be worse. Oh my, after a lot of sighing and some red wine. I decided to put the shawl away and  restart it in a few months. It was very frustrating and I felt really defeated. Thankfully, I am still working on the cozy nook blanket. It is going to be a lot bigger than I thought but I am happy with it. It will be a long project but worth it.  

I reset and pulled out some new yarn. I started to make another little bag like this one to sell on my etsy shop. I also picked out some fun pink yarn to make a sunny day top for my youngest gal. I feel renewed after taking a week break from knitting. I also started a new book, The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott. It is really good so far. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Glimpse into our day of home preschool

:: A glimpse into our day of home preschool ::

On the mornings that we do our home preschool my girls light up with excitement and anticipation of what we are going to learn and do that day.  This past school year I have been developing and molding my own curriculum to fit the needs and desires of my girls. I have borrowed some of what we do from the Montessori At Home program. The rest is what I am calling the Alphabet learning. Each week we focus on one letter of the Alphabet and I base all the learning on that letter. It has been a great way to do "school" this year. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Weekend in the Rain

:: Our Weekend in the Rain ::

Our Weekend...

the ritual of pizza and movie night (watching Cars for the one millionth time)
hubby made omelets and I made scones 
lazy Saturday morning with a quick trip to Lowe's
Rain, Rain, and Thunderstorms all day 
Started work on my rectangle scrap picnic quilt and continued cutting squares for my checkerboard quilt
Rain, Rain, and Thunderstorms
Play dough and bike riding in the garage
My brother calling to tell me that he bought me a sewing table for $20 and has refinished it for me. ( an awesome brother!) 
Balsamic and Beer Braised Short Ribs with Parsnip Puree courtesy of Smitten Kitchen  
Rain, Rain, and Thunderstorms
another movie night complete with air mattress ( we were all cranky and stir crazy from rain so I thought we needed to just "veg out") 
Palm Sunday Mass (both of my children were angelic the WHOLE time. Thank you, Lord.) 
more quilt work 
Finally, SUN and warm! 
Puddle jumping
Spaghetti Dinner 
watching our "pet" raccoon climb a tree in our backyard and peer at us suspiciously all evening

How was your weekend?