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Looking forward to putting up some crafting ideas, activities, and materials we use in the 2018 year.

Our three children spend the first five years at home with me as I do a home preschool program with them. Our oldest is currently enrolled in school. We have homeschooled and sent our children to public school. I believe that learning does not just take place within the walls of a building. Every moment and every day something can be explored, examined, and learned. It is a journey we are taking together.

At home our day looks a little something like this:

A typical preschool 3/4 yr old. lesson (No- 3 year olds this year 2016)

Each week we cover a letter in the alphabet. I have a set of Scholastic Alphatales A-Z that I use throughout the year and to accompany them I supplement with two or three books which cover that letter. 

We have an alphabet box that have objects and filler dry beans (sensory bin) that start with the letter of the week. 

The Alphatales book for "L" and a lamb craft 

The Grouchy Ladybug and a ladybug craft with Eric Carle painting
The Happy Lion and a lion puppet 

We cover the letter in many different ways:
Day 1- building the letter with macaroni or
other fun little objects.
Day 2- Find the letter worksheet
Day 3- tracing the letter and mazes 

Example of a Learning Experience: Spring Counting Activity- counting with flower petals 

After the structured part of the lesson each day, we do different activities which I keep on a rotating schedule so that we don't get bored. I use the Montessori at Home instructional manual as a base for activities, games, and music. 

Index of Items and where to find them: 

Scholastic Alphatales Box Set

Montessori at Home! Book

Montessori Supplies: Amazon, dollar store, and Walmart

Typical Day for our now 5 year old Pre-K 

I purchased the program, Moving Beyond the Page and I am supplementing with many other activities out of the Montessori at Home program. The homeschool package is amazing because it has everything and I mean everything included and organized so all I have to do is pull it out and we are off. We just started so I don't have any pictures of what we are doing just yet but hope to very soon. Our mornings are fairly unstructured with Montessori based play and activities and some free art time whereas the afternoon from 1-3:30pm is the homeschooling time because it is the quietest time in our home. I am super excited to see where this program takes as we prepare for Kindergarten. 

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful space! I bet you'll love doing preschool. have fun.