Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello. Again.

Hello. Again. 

It has been almost six months since I wrote anything on this blog. Six months of life has come and gone. Winter and the new year, gave way to spring and the busyness of life. Now, here we are sitting on the cusp of June and summer vacation. I let the blog go for awhile because I began to feel that whatever I was saying just didn't seem important anymore. I had nothing exciting to say or share. I was feeling sorry for myself. Our house buying mission had stalled out, dailiness of life ticked by, and I felt like the blog had lived out its life. I think the bigger problem is that I began to compare my life to other people and their lives. They may be having babies, moving, traveling, or homeschooling and I wasn't doing any of those things. I fell victim to the comparison monster. 

However, just recently I had a change of heart. A come to Jesus moment if you will. We had placed an offer on a home that we found out had many little problems that would be big problems later on. Even all the pretty appliances, paint, and fancy counters could not cover up our growing sense of weariness when it came to this home. We walked away. We picked up our pride about homeownership and what we "should" be doing and made a run for it. After many late night and early morning talks, my husband and I decided that we wanted more than just a house in a neighborhood. We want and have always wanted a homestead. A farmette. A little piece of the agrarian heaven. So, that is where we are. We hurried up to stand still. We are getting our lives in order to step into something greater. It may take six months to a year but we set ourselves upon this road to our dream. Where will it be? Good question. That will make itself apparent as we begin the search in a few months.

The homeschooling and more babies will happen in the future or they won't. My kids are so fortunate to be in a elementary school that promotes all that I think is important. And when they fail to do something I think is important  then we do it at home. One part public school and two parts mama-school. As far as babies go- I will leave that door open and see what God wants of us. 

Long story short, I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I have a lot to say and share with the larger blogging community. But with that comes the realization that one thing I do not have time for anymore is comparing and worrying where we are supposed to as compared to everyone else. My daughter recently proposed that we live a screen-free summer. A summer with limited use of screens in our home. I couldn't believe it. Why didn't I think of that? She is pretty darn smart for an eight year old girl who has limited use of screens as it is. I have been deciding what/how I want to use my time on the internet. I love to share stories, ideas, writing, and thoughts on my blog. I also love looking at lovely pictures on Instagram. So, that is where I will dedicate allotted screen time this summer. I said good-bye to Facebook. I am not sure how much I will miss it. I have a feeling it won't be very much. 

Here we are. Back into blogging. How have you been? 

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  1. comparing ourselves to others is poison. I try not to but I think it's human nature. And while you think your life isn't worth blogging about, I will argue that you are wrong. This blog habit is a way for us to document whatever we are thinking and feeling. I am right now with an empty house and two adult children. I focus on the positive. So I look forward to your writing and doings.