Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Just popping in with a quick post about what I am knitting and reading these days. 

Knitting: A Baby Vertebrae Sweater by Kelly Brooker in a light brown fingering weight yarn I had in my stash. Not pregnant currently but I do love knitting baby items and it might get some use in the future.  I am also starting a Simple Spring Shawl by Leah Michelle Designs in a sock weight yarn from Bristol County Dyeworks. I just love this color and can't wait to wear it. 

Reading: I just finished Rose Cottage by Mary Stewart last night. It was so great and just a perfect read for me. I sometimes need a break from serious storylines and just want something that is intriguing but not heavy. I highly recommend it. I have a stack of library books to sort through so I am not sure what I will read next. 

I'd love to stay longer but my little ones are patiently waiting for me. The sun is shining and the air is a bit warmer so outside we go! 

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Making a new place feel like home

:: Making A New Place Feel Like Home :: 

I would like to think that after about 9 moves I have become the master of making new places feel like home for our family. We are a former military family who is on the cusp of finally after 10 years ready to settle down. I write about this a lot on this blog because it is something I have a lot of emotions about. I grew up in the same home most of my life. I knew the same people from age 5 to 18. I went to college 2 hours away and travelled home as much as I could or wanted to in those days. I am the quintessential homebody. Then, by fate and God's divine providence I meet this guy who woos me, makes me fall in love, and marries me. We move away. Far away. Georgia. Farther than I have ever been. I am out of my comfort zone. Big time! He deploys and leaves me to fend off wild raccoons in the middle of the night, palmetto bugs the size of golf balls, and all kind of first time homeowner dilemmas. My favorite of those being the septic lines backing up into our tubs and sinks on a Sunday afternoon. It was horrific and quickly remedied by a kindly plumber and lots of bleach and water. We move after our first daughter is born and then we move and move, have a baby, and move and have a baby. Do you notice a theme? I don't consider myself from one place anymore. I have experienced a lot of different places, people, and things. It really helped me mature and develop a sense of independence. But I always have felt this nagging sense of "gypsyiness" ( that is not a word but I just made it one). We just pick and go. 

Now we are settling down and getting into what we call the civilian life. Basically this means that we live in one town for a very long time. It is scary and exciting all at once. My brain wages a war of thoughts: What if we don't like where we live? Will we become bored? Complacent? While the other half says: I am so tired of moving! I am tired of making new friends and leaving my old ones. It is my internal struggle. 

But here we are, back in my hometown about 10 minutes from my parents. It is nice and comfortable and a good place to start the search for a home. ( This topic of home buying is a whole other can of worms) We are renting a nice little place. It is cozy and near a little patch of woods and a farm. Not too shabby. The task lay before me, make this place feel like home. 

I go through 3 major phases: 

1. I am overwhelmed by the unpacking. It is horrible. I hate doing it and nothing is working the way I want. 

2. The things are unpacked and it isn't that bad. Things are starting to shape up and look better. Still not my dream home but it will do. 

3. I like this cozy place and yes, we are home. It will love us as we love it. This home won't judge us or treat us badly. It will surround us and keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will be our refuge from the outside world. Only asking in return to be loved back with a little cleaning and little gardening. 

I am learning to love the home we are in for the time we are here. Happiness in the moment. This is a hard lesson in a world where everyone and everything tells us that we are not enough or what we have is not enough. I am susceptible just like everyone else. So, I turn inward toward my home and make it a place of happiness and joy.

Monday, March 28, 2016


:: Weekending ::

Our weekend... 

* started on Thursday evening with dinner at our home and a visit from Nana and Pop-Pop

* sleepy Friday morning and cleaning for Easter weekend 

* Good Friday Service at which I spent a large amount of time exploring the joys of a handicap ramp with our littlest fellow. He was so happy that he shouted goodbye to every person as they left the service in silence and reflection. 

* quiet Saturday morning with eggs & bacon 

* Egg dyeing and last minute haircuts

* ironing of Easter outfits and naps

*exploring a new place to take long walks and visit with the neighbors cows

* pizza and movie night for everyone

* Easter Sunday was filled with treats and little gifts left by the Easter Bunny

* Sunrise Mass 

* Dinner at my parents house and an Easter egg hunt

* collapsing into bed after a long but fun weekend