Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Radio Silence and Coming Back....

:: Radio Silence and Coming Back:: 

Here I am after months of not writing in this space, once again filling it with words and dailiness. Is it coincidence that next week we will move back to our little town that we love so much? Has this 7 month journey away from a place we call "home" given way to a rebirth? I hit a wall moving away so abruptly last year. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under us. Last summer, my husband's career took a turn and a change that left us wondering where we would land. It was a bit terrifying not knowing what would happen next and if we would be released into a normal civilian life. Thankfully, here we have said goodbye for good to an old way of life and hello to a new way of life. I can come back to this space that I love so much and continue celebrating the dailiness of our new life. It is the path that God has laid for us and we are willingly walking it with open minds and hearts. 

We are moving back to my hometown but it has also become James' hometown too. It isn't a fancy place or bustling growing area but it a quiet place with an air of contentment. We have found a real estate agent who has helped us settle into what we hope will be our last rental home while we search for a small homestead. It is almost unbelievable that we are here. After years of talking and dreaming about this time it is finally here. I cannot help but feel completely content with our choices. I know some might wonder why we would choose to move back and not go onto some place new. But after living in so many places and feeling like we are on the outside, it is nice to live in a place where we will be close to friends and family.

So, after a radio silence, I am coming back to this space to share our lives. I hope you will enjoy it and stick around to see where this new chapter takes us.