Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Yarn Along

{ Yarn Along }

It's August and after many hot weeks I have finally come around to knitting. I am one of those weird people who enjoys cooling temperatures and falling leaves. We have had such a busy summer and so many changes have taken place that I put down the needles for a bit. Now, that things are settling into a routine with daily homemaking, the start of homeschooling in the near future, and knitting. The girls both asked for new hats with a felt flower attached. They didn't even wait for my response but dug into my yarn stash to find the perfect color. I, of course, obliged them and began knitting. Just working on some simple hats with a ribbed brim and of course a felt flower when it is done. 

I am almost done reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt. It has been on my shelf for years and I finally decided to read it. I really liked and it is certainly a colorful novel. My husband is going to read it next and then we'll try the movie version. I got a few new books out of the library and will be starting something new in a few days. I am also slowing pouring over the pages of Taproot. I used to look at this magazine and dream of the future on our little piece of land and now that dream will become a reality in a just over a year as we look to settle onto our little piece of land. 

It is good to be back and enjoy this little Wednesday tradition. 

Happy Knitting. 

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Monday, August 03, 2015

Off the Grid & Out in the World

{ Off the Grid & Out in the World }

I am back after a much needed technology purge over the month of July. Summer is such a busy time of year for us and it was needed for me to give up blogging for a bit so I could focus on family and home. 

We have moved again and are now settled in what we hope will be our last military home before leaving the military life and settling down. The joy of settling down is almost palpable in our home as my husband applies for jobs and we look at homes/properties and communities. It is a lot harder than it looks to find a home and community that fits our life.We love small towns, community involvement, farmers markets, and kid-friendly places.We will not be deterred by all the choices and decisions. The girls have even picked out a swing set for their "new" backyard. I just sit back and sigh with contentment. But for now, we are living in military housing and it has really been a good experience so far. We have very nice and friendly neighbors and there are lots of children! The home itself is a good bit smaller than our last place so a lot things are in our garage. It is funny but I don't really miss those things and I have been feeling a little bit lighter without it. I think it is a sign of good things to come. 

We have been out and about visiting new places and revisiting old ones. Swimming, hiking, picnicking, crafting, gardening, and playing tourist. The summer has been exactly what we needed to counter act the stress of moving and my husband, James, having minor nose surgery. With everyone healed and happy we embark on August. In only a few weeks, we will be starting something that is a bit terrifying and exciting. Homeschooling full time. My oldest Miss E will be at home with me doing 1st grade full time. It was a big decision on our part but I believe it is the right one for us right now as we transition out of the military. Miss CeCe will be doing preschool things in the morning along side her so it will be a busy time for us. Everyone in the school district and surrounding area has been very supportive and we are making new friends. I think of the freedom it will allow us and I know that it is the right choice for our family right now. 

I am hoping to pump up this blog a bit and really share with you our successes and failures during this year. 

Stay tuned because good things are brewing and the seasons getting ready to change....

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 A view of summer through photos: 

new  playground near our home

a farm on the military base with a fishing pond

blueberry and peach crumble

The Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton 


my grandparents farm 

The new and almost finished African-American History Museum. It is so beautiful. 

playing tourist in DC