Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Snow, Baby Food, Thoughts & Yarn

{ Snow, Baby Food, Thoughts & Yarn }

A busy Wednesday morning and afternoon has left me a bit of time to pop in and say hello. I have been getting up long before the sun breaks the horizon these last few months and it has really paid off. I am able to have a bit of free time to enjoy my coffee in the quiet of our home before little bodies start moving around. Today has been filled with the usual morning routine and walk to the bus stop, lots of cooking in the kitchen for mama while the little ones play, snow fall beginning (about 4 inches so far), and now a quiet bit of tea and knitting before our oldest gets out of school early. 

As our year starts to get busier and busier I feeling more and more drawn inward. I am making every effort to enjoy each day and what it may have to offer. This summer and autumn will become a very busy time for us as we leave one chapter of our lives behind and move onto a new chapter. There will be big decisions to be made, job interviews to attend, towns to explore, and homes to decide on. It won't be easy and I know my husband and I are both looking forward to this change but we always have our little reservations about the unknown future. So as I sit here with a cup of tea watching the snow fall outside on our deck I know that whatever comes our way we will be prepared. Our lives are blessed and the trials of change only make us stronger. 

Our little guy is a hungry little monster these days and I am working overtime in the kitchen to catch-up. But I do like making up little recipes for him because it is testing my creative kitchen abilities. Oh and my cleaning abilities because I make such a mess! 

The Yarn Along portion of this post....

I have picked up working on an Oaklet Shawl which might go to my oldest gal. She has been asking for one for a while now. I just received a yarn package yesterday for a Mystery Yarn Along so I am winding it up today. I finished my Downton Cowl and didn't take a single picture yet! I totally forgot about modeling for you all! I am about half way through Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen. Her stories are wonderful as usual and I just found out she has a second book out this week. What luck!

Joining up with Ginny of Small Things 

PS: I have noticed I use a lot of exclamation points when I blog. If you couldn't tell, I am full of zeal. ( Someone else's words not mine) Not a bad thing, right? 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

{ Playing Catch-up } 

We have had an extra long fun filled weekend with my husband and daughter being home yesterday and today on a little winter break. We had a fun-filled weekend....

Friday: date night with my husband and my brother and his wife at a real fun restaurant and brew house. Good food, great beer, and lots of laughs. 

Saturday: errands in the morning and an afternoon at my parent's house meeting my new dog nephew. My youngest brother and his girlfriend have an English Pointer puppy. Super cute and I almost sneaked him in our car. 

Sunday: Mass & a very lazy day of football, food, and naps

Monday: a spontaneous trip to visit my husband's family about two hours away. Great trip and such a nice time visiting with them. 

And now today I am catching up on laundry, emails, and things around the house before I spend the afternoon working on some projects. 

'Tis good....'tis very good these days. 

my only picture from the whole weekend!