Monday, November 16, 2015

Mindful Mondays

{ Mindful Mondays }

:: reading- The Coincidence of Coconut Cake by Amy E. Riechart. It is an indulgent read about love and food. I love it so far. A fun read. 

:: listening to - NPR morning news

:: watching-the rise from our kitchen table. We expect to have a warm day today which is unusual for November but I will take it because I know cold is just around the corner. 

:: studying- My husband is starting a new job soon and that means new healthcare. It is not fun to read or try and understand it must be done. I am also looking at homes and floor plans. We have some time before we build or buy but it is so fun to dream and plan.

:: creating- I made a new set of floor pillows (pictured below) which I am in love with and it is my pattern. I am starting to do some Christmas sewing and knitting. We have a whole free week next week and I am looking forward to doing some serious sewing. 

:: cooking- I am roasting a chicken today and the neighbors are coming over for dinner. Dinner with friends on a Monday. Why not! 

:: educating - a full week of homeschool lies before us but the goal of a free week next week is at the finish line. 

:: feeling- my heart is in France with those who have suffered so greatly from the horrific acts carried out by truly evil people. As always prayiing for peace in our world. 

:: thinking - of Christmas and Advent. I always feel ill-prepared for Advent. This year I want to take the time and really enjoy the season. It is the perfect time to slow down especially when the rest of the world is in a hurry. Any recommendations? Books? Projects?

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  1. I do not envy your healthcare reading....boring but essential!! Good luck!