Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pretend Play: Mailing Letters & Postcards

{ Pretend Play: Mailing Letters & Postcards }

 We do a lot of pretend play in our house and sometimes I need to creatively come up with a imaginary play scenario. I decided to make a mail center so we could play post office. Miss C loved "writing" letters and mailing them in our family mailbox. She also delivered mail to her animals and dolls. I found a book entitled Delivering the Mail and we read about what mail carriers do each day at work. Now, weeks later the girls will leave each other notes in the mailbox and even "mail" my husband and I little letters. It was an inexpensive play-set to make and has been a big hit. 

Items needed to make the Mail Center: 

* medium sized piece of white poster board 
*  one sheet of red and blue construction paper 
* white address labels 
* stapler 
* small stickers 
* index cards 
* envelopes 

* My Own Mailbox found here

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