Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Getting Started

{ Getting Started }

Spring is the time of year when things are getting started. Mother nature seems to know the right time and day to burst forth and show her renewed beauty. It seems the like the perfect time to get started on new things in my own life. I am getting started.... slowly but surely I am getting everything in order.  People always comment on how much we do as a family or ask me how I do it. Well- here is my secret....lists. I am a person who feels the best when I am making lists. Lists upon lists. All organized and color- coded (for the prettiness factor only)  and ready.

I know that in reality I won't accomplish everything on the list and some things might just need to be crossed out and put on the shelf for later but the first step is making the list. I like to just go along at a week at a time and I made up a weekly schedule sheet to plot out how things will go during the week. Keeping in mind that the week never goes as planned I leave ample time for rest and little hiccups along the way. Here is the print-out I made for myself to get organized during especially busy weeks: My Weekly Schedule

I have been getting started on other things too....

I am in the midst of revamping my blog to showcase more of the homeschooling, crafts, and daily creative happenings in our home. I am hoping to get tutorials up at least once a month on a step by step process of how to do some of the fun things we make around our home. 

I am starting/opening an online shop in May that will have handmade goods and sign ups for an online course I am hosting in the Fall of 2015.

And the biggest thing is that we as a family are beginning to get ready for yet another military move. Only 1 more after this one. I am excited to be almost done with this chapter of life and starting a new one. 

Good things to come! 

Each new day is a new beginning. I have become more aware of the beauty of the new chance to have a wonder filled day and to cherish it. This renewed sense of mindfulness is allowing me to focus on the beauty of that moment. 

I hope that today is filled with quiet magic for you and your loved ones. 

Some things getting started at our place today....

cherry blossoms

dandelion season and we have some expert pickers

a fairy garden awaiting some new tenants

rising bread 

cherry blossom infused oil 

a new cross stitch sampler from Posie

Seriously one of my favorite blogs to visit. I feel like her home and workshop is filled so much creative magic. Check it out! 

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  1. lots of fun things happening! I thought this past move was the last move but maybe I misremember. Glad that the move coming up is the really real last move!! pretty spring photos :)