Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tales from a Stay At Home Mama

{ Tales from a Stay At Home Mama}

I was standing at the kitchen sink this morning watching the grey sky grow lighter and lighter as the day began. I watched as the all the lights went off and cars began to roll out of driveways and neighbors go off to work. Maybe it is one those mornings or maybe it was the cold weather that refuses to let go and allow spring to work her magic but I was feeling a bit off. Every so often I begin to feel this little nagging voice inside of me say " why aren't you going to work?"  or "what are your contributing to society?" In a world that wants women to step forward, lean in, and take on more I choose to step back, let go, and start down a different path. Now, before I go any further I will say that I know that most women must go to work to support their families or they have careers which they love and want to continue in. (this is NOT a post validating one choice or another it is a post about my choices and feelings.) With that being said, I sometimes feel a bit out of step with friends and family. Even a bit guilty that I am not doing "enough". 

Then I got angry with myself for thinking so negatively. Everyday is a gift. Don't waste it on negativity. So I began to think : What is enough? Do we ever as mothers and wives feel like we do enough? Will the guilt always plague us? I read a lot of posts on the internet where women put down one way of life over another. It gets old and I just want to scream when I read or hear such talk. I have friends feel guilt over not being good enough or doing enough. The following is for you:

 I know that every woman in my circle of friends or family does do more than enough. You are beautiful, kind, caring, hardworking, and loving mothers, wives, and daughters. To you I say, rock on sisters never let anyone get you down. 

To myself I say, you are enough and you do contribute to this world every day. You contribute to three little worlds by being their mother who loves, cares, and acts a crazy to take care of them. I am home right now because truth be told, I made a decision to be. My husband and I talked about it and I really didn't like what I was doing before children so I decided to be a stay at home mom. It has been a chance for me to grow and change also. It has moments of loneliness, sadness, craziness, happiness, and complete exhaustion. But we are making it day by day. Step by step. 

By the time, I had this entire turn around of feelings it was time for breakfast, snuggles, and getting ready for the day. 

Positive thoughts and kind words to yourself and others can go such a long way for what is wrong in the world.

A few quick snaps from our day:


  1. Loved having a little peek into your early morning thoughts. I have to agree with you, that no matter what we do, I think as mothers we always have a little nagging feeling, wondering if we should be doing more.

    You are doing enough my friend, and keep right on doing it.

  2. I agree with you. I treasured all of my stay at home moments and now the kids are grown and gone. I loved that I was immersed into their upbringing on a daily basis.