Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Playing Catch-Up

{ Playing Catch-up } 

We have had an extra long fun filled weekend with my husband and daughter being home yesterday and today on a little winter break. We had a fun-filled weekend....

Friday: date night with my husband and my brother and his wife at a real fun restaurant and brew house. Good food, great beer, and lots of laughs. 

Saturday: errands in the morning and an afternoon at my parent's house meeting my new dog nephew. My youngest brother and his girlfriend have an English Pointer puppy. Super cute and I almost sneaked him in our car. 

Sunday: Mass & a very lazy day of football, food, and naps

Monday: a spontaneous trip to visit my husband's family about two hours away. Great trip and such a nice time visiting with them. 

And now today I am catching up on laundry, emails, and things around the house before I spend the afternoon working on some projects. 

'Tis good....'tis very good these days. 

my only picture from the whole weekend!

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