Tuesday, January 06, 2015

A Snowy Day

{ A Snowy Day } 

We awoke to the snow coming down at a quick pace this morning and it showed no signs of stopping. School was cancelled and James stayed home from work because he is coming down with the winter bug. A perfect day for rest and family time. I have been trying to start off our snow days with ease and fun. We had a warm breakfast of oatmeal and raisin bread. I like to read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. It is one of my favorite books and it reminds me of the girls when they go out to play in the snow. 

The girls are still recovering from post holidays illness and my stomach was not agreeing with me so we had a quiet morning of watercolors, tea, and classical music. The girls are fond of white crayon resist paintings. I am no artist but I love to paint also and any excuse to relax with my little ones in the quiet of the house is a gift. We read some more books and made the birds a few pine cone feeders. They were worried that the birds wouldn't able to find any food with the snow on the ground. With the feeders hung and birds feasting the girls had a bit of fun before a quiet afternoon in the house away from the dropping temperatures and cold breezes. 

In full disclosure I am not a huge fan of the cold temperatures of winter but on day's like today with the snow on the ground I am learning to love winter. Every season brings its own beauty. The quietness of snow falling on the ground, the blanket of flakes covering and protecting the trees, small bright eyed birds gathering around the feeders, and purity of the air. All things dormant and resting until the air warms. Winter is important because it is a time of hibernation and rest. 

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