Thursday, October 09, 2014

Watercolor Leaf Craft & Story Tutorial

:: Watercolor Leaf Craft & Story Tutorial :: 

I had a request to post this craft and give a little explanation. It is an autumn favorite in our home and the girls look forward to it every year. It is a craft that requires you to get elbow deep in mess if you have little ones but the finished product is just beautiful. 


Liquid Watercolors in brown, yellow, red, orange, and green. I like these.
Fabulous Fall Leaf cutouts. They can be found here
cookie sheets ( to cut down on spills and mess)
cookie cooling rack to dry the leaves

I usually pour a little of each color in small bowls and allow the girls to use the eyedroppers to drop tiny spots of watercolor on the leaf. It will absorb quickly so only a little is needed for each. Then let them dry and the color is amazing when dry. I don't have any pictures of the actual crafting because I had to be ready for spills and help. 

I usually try to find a storybook to accompany each craft we do because I feel like it really ties the whole time together well. I picked Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf by Lois Elhert. She is one of my favorite children's authors. Her books are easy enough for our oldest to read along and so colorful that my 3 year old stays engaged. Not to mention there is always some science or non-fiction writing at the end. 

Once they dry, we hand them up on the sliding door and the light really makes them pop! 

Below is our fall sensory bin. Just fill a 5 qt. shoebox size plastic bin with dried black eyed peas, foam leaves, acorns, sticks, small pumpkins or gourds and some measuring spoons. It is a big hit. 

Happy Autumn! And if you would like to link up and share your own fall projects below in the comment section. Feel free, I would love to see what everyone else is doing! 

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

I haven't been around with my knitting in a long while because I was taking a break from it and doing some embroidery. The cooler weather inspired me to get back to work on the needles and cast on a Milo Sweater Vest for baby. He is growing so quickly that I decided to size it up. It will be perfect for those chilly Sunday mornings when we go to church. I also picked out a new pattern two days ago. A Wavy lace capelet. I even had the yarn on hand for this project. (husband was very happy that no yarn was being purchased. What is the fun in that?)

I am reading my new edition of Taproot. I like to take it slow and savor every article. Read and think on it. I am reading That Summer by Lauren Willig. I usually like her books but this one is a little slow for me. I am hoping it picks up my attention in the next few chapters. 

Happy Knitting! xo. 

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Monday, October 06, 2014


:: Weekends ::

:: Friday night pizza and movie 
:: late night wine, movies, and yarn winding 
:: Saturday morning breakfast 
:: changing out summer clothes for winter ones 
:: an afternoon at my parent's house & supper 
:: walks in the yard 
:: early morning Mass
:: teaching Sunday School 
:: an afternoon out the farms picking pumpkins and visiting the cows
:: beer-braised balsamic beef with parsnip puree
:: quiet evening with the family 
:: a new season of Inspector Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery 

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