Wednesday, September 03, 2014

New Friendships & Small Fires

:: New Friendships & Small Fires :: 

This week has brought new friendships and learning to be a fireman of sorts by putting out the proverbial small fires. I hosted a tea/coffee morning at my home on Tuesday for two new friends that I have made in the last two weeks. It is quite an unusual feat for me because I am not big on going out and making friends with people. Don't get me wrong, I have friends and I like finding female kindred spirits who I can share my time with. But it is hard for me to make friends and keep friends due to us moving a lot or my life being very different than most. I am kind of a character. 
I am a woman who makes a lot from scratch. I love DIY and if I can make it myself then I will. I am industrious and I like to get my hands dirty. I have strong opinions about politics, raising children, saving our earth, spirituality and being good to others. I also put a lot of emphasis on friendship and supporting each other. So, it can be hard to find women who are like me. My husband calls me a pioneer woman of sorts. But lo and behold I meet two women that share many of these attributes. It was so nice to spend time with them and their children. I have hope for the tribe of women I am surrounding myself with these days. It is very hard to be a mother and woman in our society and raise children. A tribe can offer support, understanding, and love. Much like what I have found in my blogging journey. 

On the opposite end, I have been playing fireman this week. Miss E had her second week of school and I think it is setting in that school is a big part of her days. She has been a bit sad because she misses us. Which leaves me second guessing myself and our decision not to home school. I know she loves going and her teacher is a very kind woman who loves children. She is excited to learn and I don't want that excitement to ever end. I am playing it cool and trying to see where this fall semester takes us. I know that we can always change if things become really hard. Playing it cool is hard for me because I want to fix it right away and make everyone happy but sometimes we have to let things play out and then make a decision. Being too hasty can lead to hardship. I had forgotten that growing up can be just as hard as being a mother. 

Happily, even with all the craziness I have been able to knit and make a good supply of baby food for the winter months. It is a lot of work but little J will surely enjoy those yummy foods. I am working on three different knitting projects right now. A baby cardigan, a tea leaves cardigan for Ce-Ce, and a cowl from the Outlander book series. I finished the Beech Cowl and I will put some pictures up soon. I have two sewing projects on the table. A second circles floor pillow for our family room & a restaurant tabletop driving mat for our little guy when he gets a bit older. ( I think I might make two and add one my Etsy shop) 

Life is a bit crazy around these parts but it's life! 

Oh and...we are starting to plan our "long term" homestead. One small extra detail of life. A homestead to live this crazy life. 

Monday, September 01, 2014


:: Weekends :: 

:: An extra long weekend started with an outdoor pizza and movie night
:: the first pumpkin ale of the season
:: snuggles with my babies 
:: early morning hike in the Catoctin Mountain National Park 
:: playing a creek and finding crayfish 
:: buying peaches at a roadside stand 
:: naps and rest while watching the rain fall 
:: playing restaurant with the girls 
:: little girls and baby giggles 
:: staying up way too late watching Longmire on Netflix
:: Morning Mass
:: making a new friend at church 
:: a little craft shopping with my girl and mama
:: quiet Sunday night dinner 
:: relaxing Labor day 
:: Picnic at my parents with a little late summer swimming 

Joining up with Karen of Pumpkin Sunrise