Friday, August 01, 2014

in my home & on my knitting needles

:: in my home & on my knitting needles :: 

This past week we have been floating from day to day doing all things you do in the summer. Playing, napping, running barefoot outside, late evenings on the porch, trips to the library and county agricultural fair, picking veggies from the garden. And ice cream cones....plenty of ice cream. 
We finished the second week of ocean and beach play. I try to incorporate a theme into each week of summer with an hour or so of fun stories, music, play, and crafts to do in the morning. The girls seem to love it and it gives us a little structured time when the days are long. 

I have also been doing quite a bit when I have a free moment to spare here or there. I finally finished up a shawl entitled Dinner under the Eiffel Tower ( i think that is the right name from Ravelry). It looks pretty and oh so soft. I baked a massive amount of European Peasant bread this week which was a big hit and sent some off to work with James so he could share along with fresh garden veggies. Spread the summer goodness. I have been doing bits of sewing here and there. I also started a 4 week writing course "Write Now" hosted by Amanda of A.L.M. Writes. It is my hope that I can really start writing in earnest. She also puts out a month of writing prompts  and I am hoping to post my responses on another page of my blog. Feel free to check it out. 

So much is happening this week and the creative juices are flowing. A friend recently commented that she doesn't know where I find the time. I didn't really have a response. I am just a person with a busy mind and I like doing a million things. It isn't to show off but rather just use each of my days to the fullest. It is who I was, who I am, and who I will be. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

At the Sewing Table

:: At the Sewing Table ::

Summer is a time for so many things that my sewing is usually put aside until the fall and winter but recently I have had the urge to sit before my machine and sew. It has been a flurry of sewing simple projects for my children and a set of pillows for the home. 

Baby Bibs for my big boy

Baby Pants to wear...

fabric for a skirt for my biggest girl (isn't it amazing looking!)

cut-outs for some more skirts 

fabric for circle floor pillows 

Monday, July 28, 2014


:: Weekends :: 

:: Our ritual of Friday night pizza and movie
:: Saturday morning chores and yard work
:: Naps  
:: Snoballs & Grocery Shopping
:: wet blocking and finishing another shawl 
:: James' Gumbo 
:: Fire pit Saturday with s'mores, shadow puppets, and flashlight games 
:: Wine & quiet fire pit time with James 
:: late night fireworks from the local fairgrounds 
:: Sunday trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit with James' family 
:: long talks, walks, and great food on the farm
:: dreams and plans for the future beginning to take shape 
:: long evening drive home watching the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay & its Tributaries 
:: Masterpiece Theater & late night Thunderstorm 

Another fantastic weekend....