Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yarn Along: September

:: Yarn Along :: 

Currently on my knitting needles are three different projects:

#1 Outlander Cowl for me 
#2 Baby Sophisticate Sweater for little guy 
# 3 Tea Leaves sweater for Ce-Ce 

'Tis the season for knitting and getting ready to wear these lovely knits. 

I am currently reading Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan. This is book hilariously candid and yet there is a theme of fatherly love in it. Just a fun read. 

Joining Ginny of Small Things


  1. So many fun knits! The cowl looks like it is going to be nice and warm.

  2. Such a tiny cardi! What a contrast next to those chunky needles! :)

  3. Three perfect projects!! Love all of them :)

  4. Such a tiny little sweater. Cute!

  5. Lovely projects. That guy is hilarious, so I'm sure the book is just as good.