Monday, July 28, 2014


:: Weekends :: 

:: Our ritual of Friday night pizza and movie
:: Saturday morning chores and yard work
:: Naps  
:: Snoballs & Grocery Shopping
:: wet blocking and finishing another shawl 
:: James' Gumbo 
:: Fire pit Saturday with s'mores, shadow puppets, and flashlight games 
:: Wine & quiet fire pit time with James 
:: late night fireworks from the local fairgrounds 
:: Sunday trip to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to visit with James' family 
:: long talks, walks, and great food on the farm
:: dreams and plans for the future beginning to take shape 
:: long evening drive home watching the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay & its Tributaries 
:: Masterpiece Theater & late night Thunderstorm 

Another fantastic weekend....


  1. Hello Kathleen - I am visiting from our Write Now class. It sounds like a great weekend.

  2. Fantastic indeed! Hope your week is the same :)

  3. There is something about Friday night and pizza that just goes together -- we love it!

  4. loved your weekend and boy was it filled to the brim with good stuff! We had smores on the grill and it was not the same as a campfire :)