Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Trips: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

:: Harpers Ferry, West Virginia ::

Yesterday we started went on another day trip to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. James and I decided that this summer would dedicated to day trips around the area instead of a big vacation. There is so much to see in the surrounding areas of our new home. We almost didn't make it due to weather, low tire pressure on the van, and potty breaks. But we did it! We even got a free annual pass to all National Parks and Historical Sites in the US because James is active duty military. What a great gift and I was so excited that I think the Park Ranger thought I was a bit nutty. ( I love surprise freebies) We toured around the historical town looking in the all museums and talking to the friendly rennactors. I love all the old buildings and shops that are set up as if we still lived in the 1800s. The girls enjoyed the tours and sights. Miss E was especially enamored with the trains passing by. We got to see the meeting of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. James and I reminisced about the hike up the mountain we took when we were first dating. No hikes for us yesterday because the sky threatened of rain and there would be nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the mountain with a storm and three small children. We had a picnic lunch and ice cream.  I am glad that I took the jogging stroller for babes because it was so humid that he would have sweat too much in my baby carrier. I was especially pleased when Miss E turned to the tour guide and said "Thank you for having this park for us to visit". I secretly sighed a breath of gratitude for my polite child. A proud mama moment. 

I admit that I didn't have high hopes at the beginning of the day because it seemed we would never get out of the house and it turned out wonderfully. And James and I decided that we are going to hike part of the Appalachian Trail in the future. ( after the children are older)

Our next trip: The National Aquarium in Baltimore or Westmoreland State Park in VA. 

On a traveling note, my dad is currently traveling out west in Wyoming for business ( he is a soil conservationist) He sent me this picture of where is staying and he even got to do a hike. This is definitely going my list of places to visit. 

Grand Tetons 


  1. Looks like a great day trip. We love taking day trips.

    Wow, your dad is in a gorgeous spot, now on my list of places to visit too :)

  2. I could easily and happily do day trips all the time. I miss home so much when away. Love the photos and I think your kids will love the memories you are making with them.