Friday, April 12, 2013

This Moment

:: This Moment ::

A Friday ritual. A single photo- no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor, and remember. 

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Big News

:: Big News :: 

Well, it's finally official and I can share it with everyone....WE'RE MOVING!


That's right! Maryland! My husband, James has gotten verbal confirmation that he will have orders to Washington DC. So, that means we are going home!  Our hearts are overflowing with joy and thankfulness these days. Our prayers of moving home have been answered and we couldn't be happier. Now, starts the real fun looking for a place to live and thoughts of packing. It is going to be an exciting summer! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along

:: Yarn Along ::

Another week and another project finished. I love little projects because I feel so accomplished when I  complete something. The teapot cozy was very easy and super cute. I added a little felt scene on the front for fun. It is fun dressing my teapot. I am working on a matching tea cup cozy. I decided to pick up my leg warmers and continue working on those because they are an easy project to do with little ones running around or TV on. And...if I want to wear them this fall I better get on it now. I also picked  up some white lace weight yarn to make a Jane Austen scarf. When I find the website again, I will share the pattern. It is really pretty. Still chugging along on my cozy nook blanket. ( no pictures this week).  I started reading The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman. It is good so far. I have never been one for short stories but I like it.  I just got a new book about using art in the home, The Artful Parent. It is perfect for young children and just in time for summer. I also subscribed to a new magazine: Brain, Child. It is full of insightful essays on parenting and children. I am finding it refreshing to read articles with depth and meaning. 

Happy Knitting

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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Homeschool on Tuesday

:: Home school on Tuesday ::

Tuesday is usually the day I share what we are doing in our home school lessons. This is my first year in home school in any formal sense. Sometimes we blunder through activities or "lessons" that I think will work out beautifully and instead they fall short or end in disaster. Other times things go better than I could imagine. I have been using different styles and methods to introduce my gal to the wonderful world of learning. It still amazes me when we tells me something or grasps a concept or idea. It is a blessing to teach my children and watch their minds grow. 

On the flip side, I am also being taught about patience, perseverance, and love. Home school is more than teaching the basics, it is the formation our relationship as mother and daughter. It is also teaching me to stand up for what I believe in even in the face of disagreement over the merits of homeschooling . I don't know if we will always home school and that is okay with me.  I am living for the here and now. I am holding on to these moments when they are small because I know in a blink of an eye they will grow up into beautiful young women and go out into the world. 

Learning about the letter "Ss" 

We made sunflowers with real sunflower seeds in the center 

Alphabet Bag: the letter Ss 

Planted flowers in honor of Spring 

Macaroni Art 

Sunday, April 07, 2013


:: Weekends ::

* Friday was filled with late afternoon grocery shopping (alone!) 
* cupcake making 
* Pizza & Movie Night 
* Mama and Daddy TV time with wine 
* busy morning filled with helping neighbors 
* lots of cooking and kitchen work for mama
* quiet afternoon of planting some flowers and cleaning up the girls garden space 
* some sewing and quilting
* grilling hamburgers and enjoying the warm evening outdoors
* Movie Night for adults 
* Sunday morning Mass
* pancake brunch 
* afternoon trip to Jekyll Island 
* ham and bean soup supper 

Hoping you and yours had a wonderful and restful weekend! 

Joining Amanda of The Habit of Being

Some pictures from Jekyll Island ( It used to be the winter playground for the wealthy in the early 1900s. A great fiction book written about the area is Almost to Eden. They still have the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and it is breathtaking)

The beginnings of our secret garden. It still needs some privacy trellis and more flowers. Not going too crazy since we hope to be getting orders to move soon!