Monday, April 29, 2013


:: Weekends ::

Better later than never! We had a really fun filled extra long weekend because my brother was here to visit us. 

Our weekend was filled with...

* pizza and movie night 
* helping our beloved neighbor pack and move away ( very sad to see her move) 
* outdoor seafood cooking ( shrimp and calms)
* hikes and walks through the woods
* late nights on the back porch with drinks and laughter 
* a day at the beach 

But today was filled with cleaning and good-byes....Mondays are just no fun! 


  1. Sad to see a neighbor move, I hope someone new is a friend to you as we'll! Love you have pizza every weekend:)

    1. My husband makes pizza from scratch every friday. It is our back up plan in life. Open a pizza place:)

  2. I bet it was wonderful to have your brother visiting, looks like good times :)