Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday Musings

:: Tuesday Musings ::

The view from where I sit this Tuesday afternoon is peaceful and quiet, my little slice of earth. My little girls are resting and I have a moment to sit and think. We had a full morning of activities, stories, and crafts. A little mishap involving a chair, a table, and a toddler but thankfully everyone is doing okay. Just a normal morning in our home. I am just full of thanks for these days where I can remain blissfully unaware (at least for a while) of the outside world.

 I was filled with sadness yesterday evening when I decided to check the news rolls on the computer. What happened in Boston is horrific and disturbing to me. I tangle with the thoughts of something joyful and beautiful made ugly by evil that seeps from the very pores of some people in this world. My eldest girl caught a glimpse of the computer and wanted to know what had happened. I generally keep the children away from such things and I happily shelter them from most television. ( We do love PBS) I really had no explanation for her. How do you explain something so ugly to a young child? I simply told her that some people do bad things to hurt others because they are sad and angry in their hearts. It probably wasn't a good enough explanation but it seemed to quell her questions. I may not be able to protect my children from everything in this world but the most important thing is to provide a safe, loving home for them. Sometimes the only thing you can do in hard times is love. 

Tonight, I'll pray for those effected by ugliness and violence and I'll pray that this world can find just a little bit of peace. 

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  1. It is tough, sheltering our children from all of this. My little man isn't exposed to TV but it was all over the radio too, and he now listens to what is being said. So everything went off. I want to keep his little world as peaceful and pure for as long as I can.

    I too am hoping for a little more peace and understanding in this world of ours.