Monday, August 27, 2012

Montessori Week 2

:: Montessori Week 2::

We just started Week 2 of Montessori At Home this morning. Miss E really loves to spend some quality time with mama while baby Ce-Ce takes a rest. I always try to give the girls some quality one on one time every day.  We always start our homeschool time with a change to our calendar and a check at the weather. Miss E then picks out some books off the shelf and we read quietly together. We have been working on the alphabet and focus on one letter a week, this week is the letter "Bb".  We play an alphabet game and work on different Montessori activities. Today, we end with some painting. I am happy that we have a learning method that fits our lifestyle and Miss E's personality. 

Basic Sorting Activities 

"Bb" Week

Miss E painting. 

I think she may be in her blue period:) 

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